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Balance your brain(s)

Isn't it crazy that your gut looks exactly like your brain? Did you know that 95% of the serotonin we produce is generated in the cells of our gut? Essentially, an unhappy gut has been proven to lead to stress, anxiety, & depression. By introducing Komunity Kombucha and other fermented foods into your lifestyle, you are diversifying the population of bacteria that live within you. The more bacteria your body can identify, the less likely you are to get sick, building an immunity to an array of bacteria.



Flow - Unleash Your Creativity

“Flow” approaches our struggles with flatulence, brain fog, pain, & skin breakouts. This tonic delivers powerful carminative, analgesic, & nootropic capabilities -increasing cognitive function & creativity, passing gas, & relieving pain.

Tasting Notes: Aromatic star anise combines with butterfly pea flowers, fennel, & lavender to create a sour floral brew.

Affirmation: I am letting go of all fear & gaining confidence in my abilities.

intentions: Visualize. Manifest. Create.

Flow Now.


Butterfly Pea Flower

We use butterfly pea flower for memory enhancement, creativity, pain relief, sex-drive, and promoting radiant skin.

Fennel Seed

We use fennel seed to calm belly butterflies, relieve bloating, and relax the colon.

Lavender Flower

We use lavender flower to rid of anxiety, stress, and nervous tension.

Star Anise

We use star anise to soothe the digestive tract, fight off harmful viruses and bacteria, and alleviate cramps and nausea.

Adapt - Relax Your Mind

"Adapt" approaches our struggles with stress and inability to focus, weakened immune systems, an overly-active mind, and mineral deficiencies. This tonic carries powerful adaptogenic & immune boosting potentialities - balancing cortisol levels, calming the central nervous system, rebuilding the immune system, and delivering over 40 trace minerals & 700 phytochemicals.

Tasting Notes: The smooth berry tartness of elderberry & schisandra berry combines with well-balanced earthy & floral notes to deliver a refreshing botanical brew.

Affirmation: I am ready to face challenges coming my way & build resilience.

Intentions: Chill. Breathe. Focus.

Adapt Now.


Rose Petal

We use rose petals because they emit one of the highest vibrational frequencies of any flower - 320 MHz. They also help hydrate the skin, calm nervous tension, and provide A, C, & E vitamins.


We use lemongrass to calm the central nervous system, enhance nutrient absorption, encourage a healthy metabolism, and maintain insulin levels.


We use elderberry to act as a messenger for the immune system to fight off the flu, colds, and fevers. Additionally, it helps release phlegm and combat harmful enzymes from entering our cell walls.

Schisandra Berry

We use schisandra berry to bring balance back to the adrenal glands and build resilience to fatigue and stress. It also affects our GABA, dopamine, and serotonin levels in our bodies - promoting overall well-being.

Buzzin' - Manifest Your Reality

"Buzzin" approaches our struggles with inflammation, fatigue, digestion, and high blood pressure. This tonic is an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory for the brain, intestines, & nerves - restoring neurological activity and muscles, providing sustainable energy, and bringing the digestive system to life.

Tasting Notes: The subtle floral tartness of hibiscus flowers combine with a humble spice ginger finish.

Affirmation: I magnetize positivity & feel deeply connected to my surroundings.

Intentions: Awaken. Expand. Attract.

Buzz Now.


Yerba Mate

We use yerba mate to bring clarity & steady alertness. 

GInger Root

We use ginger root to awaken the digestive system, boost physical and mental energy levels,  revitalize the metabolism, and detox waste.


We use rooibos to supplement you with antioxidants & alleviate tension around your heart.

Hibiscus Flower

We use hibiscus flower to regulate blood fat & blood sugar levels, alleviating tension around your heart.

"We convert Kombucha doubters into Kombucha lovers."