2021 Vision

Komunity Kombucha is a craft kombucha brand on a mission to make non-alcoholic beverages more accessible for those looking to fit in socially without feeling they have to consume alcohol. Ever since graduating from Michigan State two years ago, I decided to stop drinking alcohol and grew frustrated with the limitations I had with beverage options. Whether they were processed, too sugary, or not nutrient dense... I just couldn't find what I wanted. People are evolving and so is the beverage industry. I am here to support your healthy habits to the best of my ability & introduce you to newest "millennial soda." 

When I was an athlete about 6 years ago, I began using medicinal herbs & superfoods, meditation, dance music & cold water exposure to coordinate mind, body, & soul connection. I was recovering quickly & surpassing my mental blocks. Ever since then, I've been on a mission to offer the wisdom I've learned from past experiences to people interested in obtaining a holistic life. 

Wellness made accessible, acceptable, & affordable.

 When you enter our Komunity, you can leave all worries at the door. We are here to treat you with the golden rule. By consciously sourcing organic ingredients & never adding artificial flavorings or colorings, we will treat your body as a temple and keep it sacred.

 Komunity Kombucha is working day-in and day-out to make sure we create a high-quality customer experience that makes you feel like you're a part of a greater purpose.      


Created By Yogis

As kundalini yoga practitioners, we mindfully raise our vibration and ease our minds prior to each brewing cycle. We treat each brew day as a ceremony, surrounding our cultures with crystals and constantly playing positive mantras. By achieving this high frequency environment, we infuse our kombucha with infinite energy, love & prosperity, then pass it along to our Komunity.

Innovative Formulations

As practitioners of herbalism & mixology, we spend several months testing formulations that fulfill a desired impact we are looking to achieve. By sourcing organic, fair-trade, and local (when possible) ingredients, we deliver premium beverage experiences that increase resilience, systematic strength, & productivity -  helping you tap into your highest self. 

Exclusive Partnerships & Giving Back

Kom Kom doesn't stop at Kombucha - we are a lifestyle brand that provides resources, knowledge, and opportunity to make a happy and healthy life more attainable. By exclusively partnering with top-quality & holistic businesses, you don't have to waste your time doing research - anywhere that Kom Kom is offered, you can trust that they have delicious, unique, & highly medicinal products available for you to indulge in. In addition, we focus on identifying opportunity to give back to those in need.

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